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    Semi – Hermetic Water Cooled Screw Chiller With Twin – Screw Compressor
    Quick Detail:
    Central chilling stations with flexibility and diversity. All in one compact package. Central stations are available in air or water cooled includes integral pump tank, cirulation chill water pump, and process pump, multi-circuit water cooled isolated modules, oversized tanks, stainless steel plate evaporaotrs and condensers, cooper nickle condensers are available, non-corrosive wetted components, staged with energy savings features, makup water, Copeland Scroll compressors. Fully packaged with controls and can easily be connected into your existing or new water systems. Contact our application engineering with your specific application. At KASSEL you will get curtious prompt service.
    Independent design of refrigeration system, relatively independent multi-hand piece units, a minimum of moving parts, reliable operation;
    Using imported high efficiency semi-hermetic twin-screw compressor with high energy efficiency, reliable operation, and long service life;
    The compressor is equipped with a patented exhaust muffler unit low noise operation, to ensure low noise operation of the unit;
    Model KSSW40L50L60L80L100L
    Nominal Refrigeration CapacityKW128160184244332
    CompressorFormSemi-Hermetic Screw Compressors
    Quantity1 Table
    Power KW2837395267
    Refrigeration Doses(Kg)3038456275
    Control ModeTouch Screen Control Microcomputer
    Protection FunctionReverse-Phase Leakage Protection, Oil Differential Protection, High And Low Voltage Protection, Water System Fault Protection, Frost Protection, Thermal Overload Protection Compressor, Other
    Energy Control Section%0/33/66/100
    CondenserFormHigh Efficient External Screwed Shell And Tube
    In&Outlet Temperature30/35
    Water Resistance(Kpa)60
    Water Flow(M³/H)2734.5376075
    Flange DiameterDn65Dn80
    EvaporatorIn&Outlet Temperature12/7
    Water Resistance(Kpa)<=60
    Water Flow(M³/H)2227.6324057
    Flange DiameterDn65Dn80
    Heat RecoveryHeat At 7℃ (*10^4)Kcal/H3.
    Circulating Water`30-52℃
    Competitive Advantage:
    Quality after-sales service
    Reduce the cost and time of installation & dismantlement as much as possible
    Modular design makes it is easy and convenient to move and maintain
    Strong adaptability and stable quality
    Scientific design and years of engineering experience can help provide you the best scheme of tailor-made ice making system
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