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    Item NameIndex No.Strength(Standard)Strength(Crude)
    Cationic Turq. Blue X-GBB-3250%440%
    1 requirements
    1.1 net content requirements
    The net content of the product is in conformity with the marked value, and the negative deviation shall conform to the requirements of the measures for the supervision and administration of the measurement of quantitative packaging.
    1.2 limits of harmful aromatic amines
    Comply with the provisions of GB19601.
    2 inspection rules
    2.1 inspection classification
    One time per three years of continuous normal production.
    2.2 ex factory inspection
    Cationic dyes by the quality inspection department of the production plant to carry out inspection, the production plant to ensure that all factory X cationic dyes are in line with the requirements of this standard, the factory can be manufactured.
    2.3 review
    If the provisions of an index to meet the standard test results, re sampling from two times the amount of packaging in check. Re examination of the results, even if only one index does not meet the requirements of this standard, the whole batch of products can not be accepted.
    3 marks, packaging, transportation, storage
    3.1 marks, labels
    Each packaging barrels of cationic dyes are coated on the firm and clear signs, indicate the product name, specifications, registered trademarks, net content, manufacturer’s name and address, standard number, batch number, production date. Can also be the batch number, production date printed on the label, and the product quality inspection and certification together into the bag outside the plastic bag.
    3.2 packaging
    The cationic dye is installed in the drum lined with plastic bag, and seal and seal. The net content of each package 25kg, other packaging can be determined with the user.
    3.3 transportation
    Transport to prevent the inversion, be careful to avoid collision, do not damage the package.
    3.4 storage
    Store in a cool, dry, ventilated place, prevent moisture from being heated.
    3.5 period of validity
    The product is valid for not less than 6 months.
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