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    Expanded Graphite Rolls & Tapes
    Selected high purity natural flake graphite, after advanced chemical treatment and mechanical procedure. It has excellent properties such as thermal stable, resistance to corrosion and high & low temperature, fine elastic resilience, anti-aging, self-lubricating, etc. It ‘s an ideal seal element for die formed packing rings and various kinds of gaskets. We can supply different quality such as industry grade, oxidant inhibitor & corrosion, low sulfur and nuclear grade, etc.
    PSB-860 Expanded Graphite Roll
    PSB-860(A) Expanded graphite Roll w/adhesive back
    PSB-861 Expanded Graphite Plain Tape
    PSB-862 Expanded Graphite netting Tape
    PSB-802 Expanded Graphite Crinkled Tape
    PS-867 Expanded Graphite Plain Tape w/adhesive back
    PSZ-867 Expanded Graphite Crinkled Tape w/adhesive back
    Density g/cm3 Length(M) Width(MM) Thickness(MM)
    0.7-1.6 5-150 3-1500 0.1-1.5
    Industry grade oxidant inhibitor low sulfur nuclear grade
    Carbon Content >98% >99% >99% >99.8%
    Ash Conten <2% <1% <1% <0.2%
    Sulphur Content <1200PPM <1000PPM <500PPM <200PPM
    Chlorine Content <50PPM <35PPM <35PPM <30PPM
    Compressibility 35-55% 40-50% 40-50% 40-50%
    Recovery 10-15% 10-15% 10-15% 10-15%
    Tensile Strength ≥4.0MPA ≥4.0MPA ≥4.0MPA ≥3.5MPA
    Ignition Loss 450℃/H <2% <0.5% <0.5% <0.5%
    670℃/H <20% <4% <20% <20%
    Creep <5% <5% <5% <5% Sheet & Gasket suppliers