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    The steel coil packing machine is widely used in industries of steel coils, copper coils, aluminum coils, steel wire coils, copper wire coils, cable coils and other coiled objects, the ring-shaped products of tubes, cables,pipes, wires, tires are securely wrapped through the eye for 100% surface protection. The steel coil packing machine helps a lot in labor saving and working efficiency improving.
    All kinds of ring-shaped products of all material types and sizes. Horizontal as well as vertical type are available.
    *Excellent collections with quality brands adopted for main components.
    *Top-opening structure for the steel packing machine, convenient for loading by crane.
    *The machine can be grounded into pit for saving space and convenient operation.
    *PLC program adopted for automatic control.
    *The height of the wrapping ring is adjustable according to different object diameter.
    *Ring speed and roller speed are adjustable by converter.
    *The overlap of the wrapping material can be adjusted by the converters.
    *Durable high anti-friction PU adopted for friction wheels.
    *Solid whole casting structure for turning ring.
    *Indicator lamp alarms automatically when trouble occurs.
    *Wrapping materials: stretch film, PE flat film and all types of crepe paper. Wrapping with more than 1 layer is possible in a single operation.
    *A wide range of coil sizes can be wrapped by the same machine.
    *Simple structure, easy operation for common staffs.
    Coil width10-300mm
    Coil OD700-1200mm
    Coil ID300-500mm
    Packing materialCrepe paper tape/compound knit tape/VCI
    paper/stretch film
    W:90mm ID:54mm OD:500mm
    Roller speedAbout 2.5m/min
    Ring speed20-90r/min
    Roller loadingAbout 1500kg
    Power outputAbout 2.2kw
    Power voltage380V, 3phase 4 wires
    Machine weightAbout 1500kg
    Machine DimensionsAbout L2200mm W1500mm H1800mm
    Note: the datas are only for reference, the machine can be custom designed according to specific object size.China Steel Packing Machine suppliers