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    Partial Investment EMC
    BROAD and customers jointly invest for the system retrofitting (or new building construction). After BROAD takes over all the cost including chiller energy cost, chiller and terminal units’ maintenance cost. BROAD takes around 20%-50% of the total investment, which will be paid back from the following 4~6 years operation.
    The purpose is to save energy and cut cost;
    The base is energy saving products;
    The feature is investment and retrofitting;
    And protect customers’ interest by contracts.
    Service Quality
    1.No chiller break down during A/C supplying season.
    2.No temperature or flow insufficient accidents, with stable supply water temperature and flow rate.
    3.No A/C supply incident when indoor temperature reaches the setting value.
    4.No excessive charge, with transparent energy price and charging according to contract.
    Q: BAS interface
    A: BROAD offers dry contact, Modbus RTU, BACNET and LonWork.
    Q: Standard Warranty
    A: 12 months from commissioning OR 18 months from shipment. BROAD offers extended warranty up to 30 years.
    Q: Split shipment
    A: If limited by access of customers’ machine room (or limited by container transportation), split shipment can be chosen. In general, chiller above 1,000 kW will be split into two pieces as main shell and HTG. 3 pipes must be connected at job site.
    More details, please click here:China Energy Performance Contracting suppliers