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    Product Features
    1.This compact infrared light curtain can be used to detected non-transparent object in the safety light curtain area.
    2.Suitable for safety protection of mechanical press, hydraulic press, hydraulic press, shearing machine, bending machine and other dangerous situations.
    3.Consists of controller, receiver, transmitter, transmission line and power cord.
    4.IEC61496-1/2 standard of Type 4 and has passed CE certification, Type 2, Type 4.
    5.Short reaction time (≤20ms), Safe and reliable.
    6.Ultra-small design. 17.2 * 30mm width and thickness
    7.Using world-renowned brands electronic components.
    8.The system is designed for finger and palm protection.
    9.The compact, space-saving model is ideal for small machines, but its system is powerful enough to meet the needs of large power presses.

    Selection Diagram
    Wiring Diagram

    1. Q: How many kinds of output are there in this compact infrared light curtain?
    A: There are 4 kinds of output:
    1) NPN NC (default factory mode) 2) NPN NO 3) PNP NC 4) PNP NO.
    2.Q: What is the voltage of this compact infrared light curtain?
    A: DC12-24V.
    3. Q: Can you provide product catalog and installation instructions?
    A: Yes, we have catalogues and installation instructions for the electronic products.
    4. Q: How many beam resolution are there in the compact infrared light curtain?
    A: 10mm, 14mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 80mm.
    5. Q: At what degree centigrade can the compact infrared light curtain be used normally?
    A: -10-+40℃ (no frozen).
    Ultra-slim Safety Light Curtain Type 4 price