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    Product Description
    CTO activated carbon block filter cartridges raw materials are blended prior to molding or extrusion.Thorough blending is important to make sure a homogeneous mixture is introduced into the extrusion process.
    Extrusion utilizes the mixtures about relies on a continuous forming process in which the material is conveyed by a screw-type auger and either heated in transit within the screw or heated in an external die.After heating and forming,the material is cooled in a die and exits the process as one continuous cylinder of material.The extruded produce then is cut to length and packaged or assembled into filter cartridges.
    Specifically, Carbon Block Can Reduce
    * Chlorine
    * Bad taste and odor
    * Chloramines
    * Fine sediment
    * Giardia and Cryptosporidium cysts
    * Organic chemicals such as pesticides and solvents,and
    * Heavy metals such as lead and mercury
    Micron RatingsTypical ratings are 0.5 ,3.0,5.0and 10 micron
    ConstructionCoal carbon or Coconut carbon
    Nominal Length10-40inch
    Maximum Differential Pressure9 psidFilter Products manufacturers