• Ratatouille Tattoo
  • Both Sides Of My Soul
  • John Lennon Tattoo
  • Tree Side Tattoo
  • Si Vive Una Volta Sola
  • Carpe Diem & Wings Chest Tattoo
  • If Music is The Food of Love Play On
  • A Man Chooses A Slave Obeys
  • Choose Life Tattoo
  • I can do all things trough God who gives me strength
  • No Worries Tattoo
  • Let It Go Tattoo
  • Draw a Straw Tattoo
  • Never Alone French Tattoo
  • Heart Hand Tattoo
  • Black & White Flowers
  • Quote Tattoo
  • love is enough
  • Heart Quote
  • Life wont wait
  • Never give up
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